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CONTRALCO was founded in 1982 in Gignac, France, near Montpellier. With an annual production of more than 20 million units, Contralco is the world’s number one producer of single-use alcohol breathalyzers.  The easy-to-handle tester conforms to the standards set by the regulating agencies of France, Germany and the United States: respectfully the Norme Francaise (NF), the TÜV and the FDA. Consult web-site:


Located in Molsheim, Alsace, KLEARIOS is specialised in the design, engineering and manufacturing of technical solutions for air and ordour treatment. The company offers complete solutions, partially based on inhouse research, or developped in cooperation with laboratories and/or R&D organisations, with the aim to reduce harmful gases and unpleasant odours such as H²S, NH³, sulphur, ammoniac, etc.

Application examples: waste treatment plants, communal sewer networks, landfills, industrial chimney outlets, but also exhausts generated by fast-food-restaurants, smokers’ lounges, etc.